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Why use a turbocharger?

July 16, 2021


    A turbocharger gives an engine greater power density and they are more efficient. Basically, a turbocharger is connected to an engine to give it more power. This allows smaller engines to put out more horsepower and torque. Turbochargers by utilizing the engine’s hot expelled exhaust air spin the compressor wheel to take in outside air. This apparatus will press more oxygen into engine’s internal combustion chamber so that the fuel there can burn more efficiently to send much more pushing power to pistons that drive the vehicle ( excavators, bulldozers, loaders) , and at the same time reduces the amount of waste produces.

    Also , the basic advantage of using any turbocharger is that you will get more power output for the same size of engine. What this means is that every single stroke of the piston in all the cylinders will generate more power than it would do otherwise.

An engine with a turbocharger can produce more power by 30% than one without a turbocharger. So with the turbocharger widely in use, people more likely use smaller engine. Small engine discharge less exhaust into air.

    Another big advantage of using turbocharger is that when working well, they can save fuel! And since they burn fuel with more oxygen, they often burn the fuel more cleanly, which produces less air pollution. This makes a turbocharger engine an eco-friendly choice too.