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D4EA-V Hyundai GT1749V Turbo 729041-5009S 0009 2823127900 28231-27900

D4EA-V Hyundai GT1749V Turbo 729041-5009S 0009 2823127900 28231-27900

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    D4EA-V Hyundai GT1749V turbo KRT


    GT1749V turbo 2823127900 KRT


    2823127900 KRT

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    Standard Or As Your Requirement
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    For Hyundai With Engine D4EA-V
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    100% New In Stock
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    ISO/TS 16949:2009
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    1 Piece
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    1-3days if goods in stock
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    Western Union, T/T, Paypal, MoneyGram
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    2000pcs per month

D4EA-V Hyundai GT1749V Turbo 729041-5009S 0009 2823127900 28231-27900

GT1749V turbocharger 729041-5009S 729041-0009 2823127900, 28231-27900 for Hyundai with Engine D4EA-V


Product details:

Part Number


OE number

2823127900, 28231-27900

Turbo model GT1749V


Description for Hyundai with Engine D4EA-V
Turbine housing High silicon molybdenum nodular iron .heat-resistant950°
Compressor housing ZL101 Cast aluminium
Compress wheel ZL201 or C355 cast aluminum
Turbine shaft & wheel 42CrMo and k418.heat-resistant>950°
Journal bearing and thrust bearing CW713R copper aolly
Bearing housing High silicon molybdenum nodular iron.
Size standard


more details:

D4EA-V Hyundai GT1749V Turbo 729041-5009S 0009 2823127900 28231-27900 0D4EA-V Hyundai GT1749V Turbo 729041-5009S 0009 2823127900 28231-27900 1

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TF035HM-12T-4 (6) 28200-4A201 49135-04121 4D56T,(D4BH) D4EA 2.0L
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TD02-1 TD025M-09T-3.3 28231-27000 49173-02412
49173-02410, 49173-02401
D4EA 2.0L
TD025M-09T-3.3 28231-27000 49173-02412 D4EA 2.0L
TD08H-28M-18 28200-83901 49188-03020 6D22T D6AB
TF08L-26M-18 28200-83905 49134-00601 6D22TI, D6AB E-3 11.2L,
TF08L-28M1-22 28200-84000 84600 49134-00282 6D24TI, D6CA D6CB
TF08L-28M1RC-22 28200-84401 84400 49134-00272 HD260 270 370
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GT1544V VNY 28201-2A400 740611-5002S U1.5L Euro 4, Euro 4 U1.5L
GT1544V 28201-2A410 782404-5001S D4FA,U1.5V E4,1.5L
GT144VZ 28201-2A710 775274-5002S U2 1.6L
TD025 28201-2A730 49173-02701 DF4B 1.6L
TD04HL4ST-11KX 28210-48000 49189-07720 D4GA D3FD 1.1L
GT2052S 28230-41001    
GT1749S 28230-41422 471037-5002S D4AE
GT2052S 28230-41440 717483-5001S D4AL
GT2052S, GT2052LS 28230-41450 703389-5002S D4AL 3.3L
GT2052S GT1749S 28230-41710 702213-5001S D4AL
TD05-12G-6 28230-45000 49178-03122 4D34
TD05H-14G 28230-45100 49178-03123 4D34 3.9L
TD05-12G 28230-45500 49178-03130 49178-03160 49178-03133 4G63 4D34 D4DD D4DB

We can safely and confidently say that the technology and quality of our turbocharger are first class ,which is the perfect replacement for the original turbocharger.

Business Information

1. Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 1-2 days if the goods are in stock,or it is 7-15 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to the model and quantity of the goods you provide

Q:How can I do if there is something wrong with the items?

A:we have confidence in the quality of our products ,if you really found something wrong ,please contact us.We have a special after-sales department to solve these problems until you are satisfied

3. Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or not ?
A: Yes, we could offer the sample but not free.
4. Q: Where are your overseas markets?
A: Our products are well selling in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa,South America, Europe...

Q:What are your terms of payment?

A:50% desposit in advance, 50% balance before delivery,We accept L/C, T/T, Paypal, Western Union,Trade Assurance