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TV7705 Marine Diesel Komatsu Turbocharger 466152-5005S 6152-81-8500 6152-81-8300

TV7705 Marine Diesel Komatsu Turbocharger 466152-5005S 6152-81-8500 6152-81-8300

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    TV7705 Komatsu Turbocharger


    6152-81-8300 Komatsu Turbocharger


    TV7705 marine diesel turbocharger

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    For Komatsu Marine Engine S6D125
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    100% New In Stock
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TV7705 Marine Diesel Komatsu Turbocharger 466152-5005S 6152-81-8500 6152-81-8300

TV7705 Marine Diesel Komatsu Turbocharger 466152-5005S 6152-81-8500 6152-81-8300



Description of Komatsu Turbocharger
A turbocharger consists of a compressor wheel and exhaust gas turbine wheel coupled together by a solid shaft and that is used to boost the intake air pressure of an internal combustion engine. The exhaust gas turbine extracts energy from the exhaust gas and uses it to drive the compressor and overcome friction.



Specification of Komatsu Turbocharger


Part Number

466152-5005S,466152-0001, 466152-0002, 466152-0003, 466152-0005, 466152-9005, 466152-5

OE number

6152818500, 6152818300, 6152-81-8500, 6152-81-8300

Turbo model




Description for Komatsu Marine Engine S6D125
Turbine housing High silicon molybdenum nodular iron .heat-resistant950°
Compressor housing ZL101 Cast aluminium
Compress wheel ZL201 or C355 cast aluminum
Turbine shaft & wheel 42CrMo and k418.heat-resistant>950°
Journal bearing and thrust bearing CW713R copper aolly
Bearing housing High silicon molybdenum nodular iron.
Size standard


More detail:

TV7705 Marine Diesel Komatsu Turbocharger 466152-5005S 6152-81-8500 6152-81-8300 0TV7705 Marine Diesel Komatsu Turbocharger 466152-5005S 6152-81-8500 6152-81-8300 1

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Guangzhou Kangruite Turbocharger Manufacturing and Trading Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of turbochargers and accessories integrating r&d, design, production and sales. Our factory is lodieseled in Fengcheng Dandong city, the largest border city in china, and is conveniently lodieseled in caohe industrial park at the foot of the beautiful fenghuang mountain. The company has a group of high-tech professional and technical personnel and advanced precision cnc machine tools and other equipment. meet the production of various series of turbocharger products and control the quality requirements. it provides a reliable guarantee for improving product quality.Our sales department is in Guangzhou city, where we have a large number of turbocharger stock.We can provide you with the best quality and convenient service.


We can safely and confidently say that the technology and quality of our turbocharger are first class ,which is the perfect replacement for the original turbocharger.


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1. Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 1-2 days if the goods are in stock,or it is 7-15 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to the model and quantity of the goods you provide

Q:How can I do if there is something wrong with the items?

A:we have confidence in the quality of our products ,if you really found something wrong ,please contact us.We have a special after-sales department to solve these problems until you are satisfied

3. Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or not ?
A: Yes, we could offer the sample but not free.
4. Q: Where are your overseas markets?
A: Our products are well selling in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa,South America, Europe...

Q:What are your terms of payment?

A:50% desposit in advance, 50% balance before delivery,We accept L/C, T/T, Paypal, Western Union,Trade Assurance